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    TY Work Experience Ideas???? study person

    Hey guys, I'm looking for work experience at the moment and was wondering if anyone has any ideas where I should go or what you think I should do for it. Do you have any brilliant or boring experiences on the subject???

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      don't go to a shop because you'll be stacking shelfs all day.

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      study person

      OK thanks;)

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      you could go to a hospital that could be intresting if your into sciences .. it really depends... or you could go somewhere that you might like to get a job like a hotel or restaurant...

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      study person

      thanks again....what do you think about work experience during the it worth the effort?

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      No shops or hairdressers. You'll just be a cleaner. I went to a primary school and they gave me real teaching experience. ICT companies are interesting too.

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      im going into transition year this semptember and have applied for many places. it really depends on what you like but some good oned are TV3 , rte, UNICEF , cooks academy, newspaper, mac makeup, local sociliters, hospital,vet,magazines,

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      study person

      Cool, yeah I applied for a few of those, what magazines would you apply for?

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      Kiss magazine run a programme for TYs work experience. The Irish Times and Irish Independant also take on TYs if your interested in more serious newspapers.

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      study person

      Thanks thats great, yeah I'll try the Irish Independent, and Ive already applied for KISS.....thanks again!:)

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      Hi there, anyone know of places taking on Tys for work experience in Westmeath/Midlands area? Not having much luck finding anywhere so far..


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