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    Too soon to start studying? jojo.carrot.3

    HI, I am in 6th year and am doing 7 subjects. I'm just doing my homework at the moment and don't have a whole lot of time after that. How many hours are people doing out there?

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      Hi, I am a secondary school teacher and I think you are off to a very good start by doing your homework every evening. If you kept this up and then after Christmas started adding an hour in the evenings you will do really well. Also, at the weekends you could go to the library, I always find I get more work done in a space like that. Try practising a past paper a week in a different subject too (starting nov/dec)...don't overload on study though..Go out an have fun too..Good Luck!

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      I am the same . After my homework is dont it does be late and I dont have any time to study! If i do have any spare time it is usually spent learning for a test that I will have in school. I dont know how we are suppose to be revising and studying!

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      I am in 6th year and to be honest am going for high points, am doing night study for 3 hours 4 days a week, and then at least 4 hours each on a saturdays and sundays. Giving myself Fridays nights to have a life for now. that might be too much, but its only a year. So do whatever you feel you need to do, without going mad.

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