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    Who knows how to be Organised tega.dortie

    Today I bought ring binders for ever subject, colored paper and Polly pockets, I'm really Unorganized and I think its affecting my grades so I'm trying to get organized for last 3-4 months till the leaving cert.

    Does anybody have any tips on how I can divide the ring binders into sections for each subject, I do Maths, English, Irish, French, Biology, Business and Accounting

    How will i divide the sections for lets say Biology or English. Or does anybody have any more advice on how to get organised? ^_^

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      For Biology, just keep it topic by topic, keeping linked topics around the same place- Heart&Circulatory System with Lymphatic System with Immune System with Blood etc... Then, have a section at the end for any exam questions you have answered (with corrections). Find out which topics come up more often and check marking schemes to see how much the answers are worth and how much information you need to get full marks.

      As for English, keep your main text's notes together, and write out the main points for it. Same with the comparitive.

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      thanks I just decided to organise them by the topics that studyclix provide

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      by the way do the studyclix topics cover every question in the exam papers?

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