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A1 Notes Available
rachellol.2 The Leaving Cert — 16/10/16 22

Hello, just wondering if anyone needs short A1 notes for any chapters in HL Irish, HL English, OL maths, HL Biology, HL French, HL Home Economics or HL Art History. If so, drop a comment below of the subject and chapter and it will be uploaded on my page asap.

orlab123 — 18/09/16
could you put up some biology, french, maths, English and Irish if you can? thanks! the first 2 chapters
rachellol.2 — 18/09/16
No problem. It will be on my page in the next 24hrs.
MaryJane1402 — 18/09/16
could you please put up Home Ec ones?
sophie544 — 18/09/16
Could you please put up some Irish, English , biology and some French essays would really appreciate it!!
rachellol.2 — 18/09/16
Okay i will put up all the notes for everyone but it will be up in 24hrs because studyclix doesnt allow it to be uploaded straight way. But i will have a couple biology notes on my page in a few minutes
rachellol.2 — 18/09/16
sophie544 — 18/09/16
Thanks so much really appreciate it!!
sandra.sho.1 — 18/09/16
No problem
Stephanie K — 18/09/16
Hey would you have notes on social and food sagged and food groups for home Ec. Thanks a million and also if u had notes on Irish oral very much appreciated ��
rachellol.2 — 18/09/16
no problem Stephanie K they will upload onto my page in the next 24 hrs
michellemcc98 — 19/09/16
French and irish please?
bexter — 19/09/16
Note son Irish poems and stories if you have them please!
MaryJane1402 — 19/09/16
Thanks so much
smais — 19/09/16
English and Irish would be so good Thanks! :)
rachellol.2 — 22/09/16
no problem guys!
Stephanie K — 22/09/16
Hey just wondering where can we find these notes thanks
Rspillane — 23/09/16
English please :)
Aoifeee — 23/09/16
Hi could you please post notes for Higher Level Irish?? I need good notes on Oral work to make my Irish stand out. Thank you so much
Kate_5981 — 23/09/16
Whatever you have for HL french as I have no teacher, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!
Alexandra_5478 — 04/10/16
How can i see the notes for english
niamh.barrett — 15/10/16
would you mind sending me your notes on your irish essays?
Laura.C — 16/10/16
Notes on the Irish Pros etc :)
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