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    Accounting or geog or physics Dodobird

    I am going into my lc with the hope of doong 7 honours just because I am abit vary of how maths will turn out.

    I am doing bio chem bussiness. Ag science and economics.

    Acc,geog and physics are the shortlisted subjects that I can find myself picking up but I dont have much info on them.

    I heard accounting has very low A rate and its a bit difficult if your not good at maths, but I believe I am good enough(got c1) and wont mind working with numbers. But then again, I am not hearing too much positive feedback towards the subject.

    Geog is just simple rote learning, lots of it and as you can see I already hve quite few essay subjects, business and economics. It prob is the easiest of them 3, but I am not entirely sure, I got a b in jc geog but thats a whole diff ballgame compared to lc, enjoyed it, but having 3 long broad learning subjects?

    Physics I am hearing exam papers your best friend, but also its very hard and challanging, I said im good at marhs but dont have a strong aptitude for it.

    In any of those subjects I am looking for an À grade. So which of those would be most suiteable and doable in your opinions . Also any advice on studying them ?

    Thank you

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      Do physics and work really hard at it. Experiments are worth 30% of the exam and they take about 45-60 minutes to complete leaving you with ample time to complete the rest of the exam.

      However you do need to be fairly good at maths but if you're a strong ordinary or mediocre honours maths student it shouldn't be a problem

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      Thank you for info,yes i do hl maths.

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      I did accounting (got a C1) and geography (B3)

      For accounting, the best way to learn is practice - exam papers are your best friend for studying. Do as many as you can (even do ones you already did if you run out!) I did OL maths so in that regard it shouldn't be overly complicated.

      geography was my fave subject - if you were interested in it at JC you should do it in LC too. You also have a project worth 20%. you can always use bullet points when studying if it's easier.

      I have no knowledge on physics, I didn't do it for LC.

      If you're a bit more interested in a practical subject, maybe accounting would be best for you imo!

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      Thank you for info dylan, I am taking all the advice in.

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