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    Ag science Jordanmcd92

    Are diaries compulsory for the project? (External student)

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      sherryshezzy least 6 months. but some teachers want whole 12 months diaries.

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      Thank you and does it matter how many days you write it for? Considering some of us are in Dublin and won't visit farms often , my plan is to write in it every 2 weeks ,will that be acceptable?

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      Whether diary is compulsory or not literally depends on the teacher as does most of the project. The teacher is the examiner that gives you the grade. An external examiner then comes in and checks the projects to make sure the grade fits the work and if they think it doesn't they then examine you. My school has never had diaries as part of the project although I am including one

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      Hi..U have to write the whole Month activities for example what task are performed in september..write about it.

      Now a day i am doing my project..give me yours Email i will send u mine diary entry to you ..then u will do according to it.

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