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    All 3 Business subjects A-123St


    Thinking of doing all 3 Business subjects for the LC. I do Business at JC and it's one of my favourite subjects, and I always get high As. I'd have to do Economics at home by myself as it's not taught in my school, but I've heard it's not too bad and there's a lot of choice in the exam, plus I really liked that section at JC. I can ask my teacher if I have any problems anyway. I know there's a lot of theory for Business and Accounting is a lot of numbers and accounts, but I've been doing fine at JC level so would this be a good predictor for those subjects at LC?

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      I do business and accounting and would have loved to do economics instead of ag science but it's not offered in my school! Business is just learning but I find it very easy. You have a great choice in the exam, the most important thing is to look at past marking schemes and get your technique right! Only pick accounting if you enjoyed it and are willing to do your homework every night it in. Once you do your homework there's very little study involved and its a nice change from other subjects! It's my favourite. Hope that helps

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      Thanks, I think I'll go with them so :D

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