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    Biology flora may

    Im doing my leaving cert in 2018,but I want to start studying a bit on biology, which chapters are more likely to come up. Please help.

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      anything lol

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      flora may

      Yeah 😂 but what one chapter would u definitely study

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      Ecology , Genetics

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      Ecology genetics, respiration, sexual reproduction in plants, photosynthesis, food

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      Hahahaha, this lad is starting a year before his, I started a day before mine...

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      ^^ 😂😂😂

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      After this year’s paper, the only advice I would give to someone doing biology is study ALL the chapters inside out. Anything can come up and biology just isn’t predictable anymore, they’ve started to overlap chapters so you can’t even risk leaving some out – I know loads of people were banking on the nervous system to come up this year as a long question but it didn’t. Genetics and ecology do come up every year in some shape or form but they keep twisting and changing the questions. So..

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      Food and it's experiments will be likely.

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