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    Biology or Art ?? JCScenes

    Can anyone give me some advice on these subjects? I enjoy both so I think it's down to difficulty and average grades on each. Opinions?

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      Biology is entirely theory based, but there is also quite alot of theory in Art also. I think you should pick it based off of what you'd like to be in the future? For example, I wish to be a nurse so I picked mostly science based subjects. If you're not sure on what career path you will be taking, I would then suggest you pick which subject you generally get better grades in

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      @chan-jessop would you say biology is safer points wise?

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      Im currently doing both, biology is 100% theory so if youre ok with study its lovely and art is 37% theory, the rest is project work youll have done a month before the exam. I think art curriculum is changing but there is no set curriculum for art history which makes it difficult. Personally I prefer biology and id say its easier to get points there but if you like project work art might be better

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      Personally, I'd say Biology is much safer points wise. If you're good at studying and learning off theory then Biology is the safest root! I hear alot of people this year (6th years) complaining about how difficult the Art History is and about the stresses of the projects

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      Biologyy is quite a difficult subject I don't think I realised how hard it would be but definitely If your good at learning and understanding things go for it or art either are lovely subjects

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      Does anyone know anything about the new course for LC Art? Thanks for the replies!!

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      Think its going to be a 10 week project where you have to make like a scrapbook? Similar to how the gcse's work in England I think

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