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Business and economics
Rubxoxo The Leaving Cert — 25/06/17 7

Will I be able to do both business and economics or is it better to do only one of them please help.

E.Devitt — 19/06/17
You can do both. Unless you're really sure what you want don't limit yourself too much though
Rubxoxo — 19/06/17
I'm hoping to get into medicine nothing related to business but I've heard that economics and business r easy subjects to do in the LC and I did business studies for the Jc and its one of my favourite subjects
A-123St — 19/06/17
If you want to do medicine you'd probably be better off with at least 2 sciences and one business subject, as opposed to 2 businesses and 1 science. Any particular reason why you don't want to do Biology/Physics/Chemistry?
Rubxoxo — 19/06/17
I'm planning on doing 2 science subjects biology and chemistry alongside business and economics I don't really like chemistry but I've heard that it's compulsory for medicine
Rubxoxo — 21/06/17
I also don't do Irish so I have to take up and extra subject
A-123St — 21/06/17
If you love Business & Economics and don't want to do Physics, then there's no reason why you shouldn't choose them. They're both great subjects, and I'm personally jealous of people who get to pick them :P
davethedave — 25/06/17
I did economics and it was a really interesting subject, especially when it is being taught by the legend himself Frank Morris. Honestly though I think you should do accounting and business, business is an easy version of economics and accounting you could study it one week before the LC and pull off a H1.
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