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Business or Economics?
Sean_4746 The Leaving Cert — 17/03/17 9

I am currently in TY. I want to study business in UCD or Trinity after the LC. I am in a dilemma as to whether to take Business or Economics next year. My other subjects will be French, Accounting and DCG. I got an A in JC business and my overall results were high (7As 4Bs). I think economics is more interesting but I'm not sure if I'll be lost in college if I don't do business. One guidance counsellor has told me to do business as colleges don't assume any prior knowledge of economics and it's only a small part of the course. Another has told me that that's not true and business is easier to take up if you haven't done it before. What subject do you recommend I take? Please base your answer mainly off business college courses.

A-123St — 16/03/17
My teacher said economics and accounting are more helpful for a course than business, and my guidance counsellor echoed that, saying that the theory in LC business is very easy to pick up in college.
Sean_4746 — 16/03/17
A-123St — 16/03/17
Economics is also more difficult than business, since there's more understanding involved, so I'd personally do that one instead of business if it was offered at my school, but sadly it isn't :(
Sean_4746 — 16/03/17
Why would you want do do the more difficult one?
lauramcc2013 — 16/03/17
I'm doing business in school and the theory is quite easy to grasp so I do recommend doing business but if you would like to do both go for it. I took up economics as an extra subject so I'm doing it at home by myself so that is an option for you as well. I got the less stress more success book and its the book I would recommend using if doing it by yourself as all the information is relevant so you don't have to go and try find out what you need to learn and what you don't if your using a textbook. I do a chapter a week and the course isn't really that long (also recommend using sec exam papers for notes). Some chapters are difficult to grasp and its kind of hard I find to understand the graphs by yourself but if you can get help you'll be fine. Good luck! Hope this helps.
A-123St — 17/03/17
Because if you enter into a general business course in university, you'll usually have to try all areas, accounting, economics, marketing, insurance, etc, and while it's easy to pick up things like marketing that link back to simple theory, it's a bit harder to pick up economics and accounting. That's why teachers recommend those, since if you don't do business, you wouldn't be lost in college if you didn't do the LC subject because the theory is easy to grasp, whereas if you didn't do LC accounting and economics you might stumble a bit on those areas. That said, if it's just easy points you want, business might be a bit more suitable than economics. Sorry that turned out quite long-winded ahahah, at the end of the day it's up to you though, and it won't make a massive difference which you choose, you should still be able to do fine in a business course with or without either LC subject.
Sean_4746 — 17/03/17
Don't colleges assume no prior knowledge of economics though?
A-123St — 17/03/17
They assume no prior knowledge of everything I think, but it'd be easier to pick up business theory from scratch, than it is to pick up accounting and economics. If you didn't do LC economics you'd still be able to do it since they assume no prior knowledge, but it'd just be a bit easier and quicker if you had done it. It doesn't make a huge difference, but it'd cut down your workload a bit. That's what my teacher said anyway.
MysticManiac — 17/03/17
Economics has a very fair exam paper as you only need to get 6/9 short questions correct and you have to answer 4 out of 8 long questions. You can leave out a large amount of the course and still do very well. And the course isn't that long either so it doesn't have that much that you have to learn. There is some understanding involved but it's not too bad and there's some topics that come up every year
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