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Business or physics?
A-123St The Leaving Cert — 10/05/18 6

I picked accounting, physics and business as my options, but business and physics are on at the same time so I have to choose. Any advice? I prefer business and find it easier, and I'm not sure if I'd be able for/like physics.

Ibraheem_3299 — 02/05/17
physics is hard. thinking and maths are involved alot, calculations arent the easiest, unless you have a good teacher. go for business
A-123St — 02/05/17
Is physics as hellish as people make it out to be though? Like I wouldn't be any less smart than anyone else in the physics class, and I'm good at maths.
A-123St — 02/05/17
Physics and applied maths are just more useful than business I guess, since business is just learning.
alicia23 — 09/05/18
physics and business arnt on at the same time . physics is on on the 20th of june and business is on the 14th ??????
B.keenan12 — 10/05/18
i would go with physics it is much easier to br honest :grinning:
Colin00 — 10/05/18
ahhh go workin cmon
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