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Business vs Accounting?
A-123St The Leaving Cert — 12/03/17 7

I'm currently doing JC business, and I really like it, so I plan to take both business and accounting at LC level. However, while my school doesn't offer economics at the moment, one of the teachers is trying to get a class together for next year. If that happens, I'd definitely choose economics, as I find it the most interesting, but that would mean I'd have to choose between business and accounting, since I want to keep on a science as well. So, my question is, out of the two subjects, which is worth keeping on and which would be the most useful if I did a business degree in university? Which one tends to be more interesting and easier to get a H1 in? Any advice is appreciated :P

A-123St — 08/03/17
It's only a possibility that I'll have to choose, but I still want to decide just in case.
naxmax9 — 08/03/17
I heard it's easier to get a H1 in accounting but idk.
D'laraGoksen — 08/03/17
Most useful for business degree = business Most interesting = probably business! Accounting isn't very awe inspiring... Easiest = Accounting
mry246 — 08/03/17
Actually.... accounting isn't the easiest If you are good at memorising stuff then you will find business easier (because there's loads of theory) You will only find accounting easy if you are good at maths
helpme101 — 08/03/17
I do business since I'm good at memorising stuff but my sister does accounting and she's brilliant at maths, but she still finds it hard cause there is also theory in accounting. It just depends on you really, if you prefer to learn off your material business would most likely be easier and a lot of junior cert business is in the lc course but the question styles are just different, but accounting is very new as you do not do mush of it at junior level. Hope this helps.
A-123St — 10/03/17
My teacher said accounting is more useful for a business degree since the theory is easier to pick up, but I'm not sure...
Samanta_5373 — 12/03/17
Personally, if I were going for a business degree, I would think business is the more useful subject since you get to learn the actual theory, legislation, conducts, case studies and manners of every-day running behind the business. Personally I do business, and I have a close friend who does accounting. In terms of getting the highest grade, accounting will probably be easier if you're good with numbers and learn the theory behind them...In business, there's definately a bit more depth and hard work of getting a high grade. You can learn all the theory off my heart, but that won't do you any good in the exam if you can't handle being under time-pressure, sticking to set times for each question, and carefully answering EXACTLY what the question asks. While the course of business is very similar to the JC one, the exam is a complete different story. You have to be really careful when reading the questions, and making sure you answer what they ask you to answer, in the manner that they ask you to do. For example - If the ask you to ILLUSTRATE the importance of The Nation Consumer Agency... you have to back up all of the theory with a continues example.. Ultimately, business is probably the harder subject of the two, since not only you have to learn off the subject, but get an enormous amount of information in a small amount of time down on the exam papers, while making sure you're doing it in the right format...
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