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Caught someone cheating
by jimmylee123 The Leaving Cert — 11/12/17 10

I was doing my biology exam and i saw another person on their phone and at the time i didn't report it, is it possible now to report it or should i just leave it

adam.lynagh.5 — 18/06/17
doesn't concern you leave it
Dorine — 18/06/17
leave it mate
Emir_5638 — 18/06/17
Pierston — 18/06/17
If they had to cheat on their LC they're already disabled enough, no point in fucking them more
heres_jamie — 19/06/17
props to the person who managed to pull that off, we're watched like a hawk in our classrooms
Liam_4547 — 20/06/17
Bit of a rat I'd say
Matthew_5855 — 20/06/17
you useless fuckin bastard jimmylee. ill bait ya if ya rat me out
MaddieB — 29/11/17
Jimmy lee dirty inbred weasel cunt
wpxd27 — 29/11/17
leave it
imnotsosmart — 11/12/17
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