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    Choices JCScenes

    Can anyone give me some feedback/advice on subject choices?? I'm planning to do Geography Biology Business and Economics. Is this a good mix? Any feedback on these subjects??

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      Alex F

      Leaving Cert Geography is the second most popular optional Leaving Cert subject in Ireland. Approximately, 27,000 students take LC Geography every year. Of this number, 80% take it at higher level.

      Leaving Cert Geography consists of four (O.L) or five (H.L) sections which make up the written examination + a fieldwork project. The exam is worth 80% of the marks and the fieldwork is worth 20%.

      The Exam

      The first part of the LC exam consists of 12 short questions (students are marked on 10), which cover all aspects of the course and are worth 80 marks (16% of the total marks).

      Typical Short Question

      The second part of the exam consists of long questions in each of the following areas; Physical Geography, Regional Geography and Economic Geography. In each of these areas, there are 3 questions printed and students choose one from each. So, students must answer one long question from physical geography, one from regional and one from economic geography. Below you can see one of the long questions from the 2011 exam (H.L). This was one of the physical geography questions. All long questions are laid like this one, i.e divided into three parts: A, B & C. The three long questions make up 240 marks in total (48% of the total).

      Typical Long Question (Physical Geography)

      The last part of the exam is known as the essay question and is for Higher Level only. Again, students are offered a choice of three questions and are required to answer one. The answers here are expected to laid out in the form of an essay where students will focus on three or four different aspects of a particular topic, e.g. Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. Techniques for answering these questions well are covered in class. In Bantry, in common with almost every school in Ireland, student take the Geoecology Essay Option.The essay question makes up 80 marks (16% of the total).

      Overall, this is a good subject for anybody that is good at rote learning and writing essays, there is a vast range of topics in a variety of different sections. Geography is a long course, so be warned,if you are willing to do a lot of hard work then passing will be a piece of cake.

      I only do Geography from your list of 4, but from what I heard Biology and Business have a very long course aswell, I would try break it up with a subject with a short course

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      @Alex F would you recommend any subjects? Thanks

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      Alex F

      Well I do Geography, Chemistry, Accounting and Appiled Maths.

      By what it looks like from your 4 is that your main learning method is rote learning, something that will be needed in Applied Maths, so I won't suggest that. However It is has a very short course with tons of choice. You can get the Ordinary Level Course done in 3-4 months easily, but the help of a teacher would be advisable. If by the time mocks are around you could take this up, and get an easy B or A at Ordinary level, giving you like 60 easy points.

      Chemistry however does require a lot of rote learning, it also very hands on learning as you have to do 28 mandatory experiments, learn the procedure and results, where you answer 2 out of 4 questions based on the experiments. Compared to Biology the course is much shorter, and with a good teacher, it can be covered in time for the mocks, giving you 3 months of revision, whereas Biology is not usually done until May.

      Accounting is one of those subjects you either love or hate, learning from memory will not get you far here, this is mainly practice based subject. However there is a high A rate

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      Thanks so much! @Alex F

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