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    Choosing Subjects: Geography or History? MysticManiac

    I'm in 4th year choosing subjects and I've got most of my choices decided but I'm still unsure about whether to choose Geography or History. At first I was thinking History but now I'm leading more towards Geography.

    Geography, I feel is more of a safety net and the other subjects I'm thinking about doing (Physics and Economics), it seems like there'd be quite a lot of work involved in those ones and a bit less so for Geography than History.

    History is more fascinating and for the JC I liked some parts more than others but I'm not sure if I'll like it for LC. I'm not going to end up doing a History or Geography based course for college but I want to know which one would be best if you want points!

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      you dont have to choose either, why dont you choose a subject related to the course you want to do?

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      I chose geography because you have to do a project which can be easy if you are willing to do a bit of work and there are folder questions, which are so simple and a lifesaver when it comes to an exam. If you do well in those 2 aspects then you've basically passed with little study

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      Rebecca - I'm not sure what I want to do yet but I think maybe an Economics-based course and I've already chosen Economics as a subject. I just want to know which subject I should take for more points

      Granners - Thanks for that info.

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      If you want to do an economics course maybe you should choose business as they overlap a bit and I am doing business at the moment it is very easy to get a good grade in and if you are good at learning key words it's easy to get an A in :)

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      Yeah, that would be a good idea. But I'm not sure what I want to do yet so I want to make sure I have an open choice. I want to make sure I have a language (french), a science (physics), a business subject (economics) and something else. Also, I prefer the economics side of business studies than the business and accounting sides. Besides nobody in my class wants to do business and ik that's not a reason to not do a subject but it doesn't seem worth it to me

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      Choose geography, history is extremely difficult and geography is easy to get an honour in. :)

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      I do both and History is my preferred of the two, but that's probably because I've always had an interest in the subject haha.

      Geography is easy enough. Sometimes it's a chore to plod through because it goes into such extensive detail about everything but if you break each section up and learn it as you go along it shouldn't be too hard.

      History won't be easy unless you have an actual interest in the subject. It's nothing like Junior Cert history either, it's way more complex and there's a lot more learning.

      Both of them have projects worth 20% of your overall grade.

      Good luck!

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      I do history as well as physics, economics and german. In history the majority of it is Irish history (Parnell,1916,war of independence, civil war, Troubles etc) and a small bit of European and American history. If you're willing to do a lot of reading and you like history you'll do fine. The RSR project is worth 20% as well. Geography I know also has a project worth 20%. From my friends who do geography they say it's really boring and more difficult than they thought. Both subjects involve a lot of essay writing. Pick which one you have a bigger interest in because that makes all the difference when you have to spend hours studying in 6th year.

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      Choose the subjects you like, if you don't have an interest in the subjects don't pick them, and its not about which is the easier subject cause no subject is easy if you dont have an interest in it. In saying that I do geography and while there is a lot to learn and alot of essay writing, you have a project worth 20% and also short questions that are very easy, an option section worth 20% which isn't bad , and you have a good choice of questions in the rest of the exam, it is actually quite simple to get marks in it. So if it is a case of you don't know what subject to pick and you don't necessarily have a huge interest in one particular subject then personally I would pick geography, however it is not a subject to be underestimated as being easy.

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      Stephanie K

      @Mcclave I got those the are not as good as you are telling us in every discussion.

      Everyone else i would not recommend buying them!!

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