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    Coming up grades. Need teacher's/student's advice. Hanna_2912

    So, I didn't do very well in the Mocks, I got 330, and I need 475. I didn't study that much for them and I'm really knuckling down now, but is it completely impossible to make that jump? or is it possible over the next 2 and a half months? Thanks!

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      unlikely but possible.

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      Of course not, what's impossible with hard work?

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      Its not impossible, Nor unlikely. Just drive yourself, think about why you're doing it! I've seen weirder things happen

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      It is possible with hard work

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      If you're studying hard now and keep it constant until June you'll definitely improve your grades. How much you improve by depends on how much study you do from now until the exams so keep working and it'll be worth it!

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