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Considering repeating the Leaving Cert :(
michaels The Leaving Cert — 23/08/16 9

Anyone else considering repeating the Leaving Cert? I needed 530 points and a B3 in HL but in my mocks I only got 470 and a C2 and I don't think it went any better in the LC. If I repeat then can I drop Irish/English/Physics/Spanish and chose four other subjects assuming I passed them previously

kingkarpe — 20/06/16
no you have to do all of it again
Rebekah_5835 — 20/06/16
you can drop one subject, like english, if you wanted to but you cant drop them all
Rachel M — 20/06/16
You don't have to do it all again, I repeated this year and dropped 2 subjects and picked up 1 new one, I think it's up to you what subjects you take as long as you meet your requirements and pass the first time��
Star14 — 20/06/16
You have to have at least 6 subjects and depending on certain courses you may need to keep certain subjects if u do not achieve what's required this time. Be careful of repeating you may waste a year and end up in the same position or worse!... as courses change there will be more new material to learn.
Star14 — 20/06/16
Therefore, repeating can often be a waste of time but it's madness talking about repeating now the leaving cert is still going on...wait until results day to weigh up your options
Julija_7673 — 16/08/16
I want to repeat too also, everyone deserves a second chance ;)
Aisling1998 — 16/08/16
You can repeat any number of subjects. Repeating can only be used if you don't get the entry requirement for a subject, you can't combine points from two different years. Say you get the 530 but not the B3, then you can keep the points from this year and repeat that one subject. But if you get the B3 and not the 530 you'd have to repeat all subjects
Star14 — 21/08/16
What course are you hoping to do?
Yoshmyster96 — 23/08/16
I repeated last year and it's tough mentally. Make sure you're comitted to the task.
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