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    Did I make a mistake repeating harryc60

    I did my leaving cert last year and got 515 points because I worked really hard from the outset of 5th year. I repeated because I got a B2 in higher maths (I got 79% in paper 1 and 77% in paper 2 which angered me a lot) and I required at least a B1 for my course. However, since I repeated I lost motivation. I only scraped 490 points in the mocks and got a B3 in HL maths even though I studied excessively. At this stage last year I was excited for the exams and now I feel I'll do worse or remain at the same level.

    Is it possible to email CAO and tell them that I want to retain my course from last year rather than go through the leaving cert again?

    I also applied for the HEAR scheme so if i'm eligible will I be able to get choose another course with the existing points that I have.

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      not a chance youll get that place lad. Youre about as fucked as

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      hawkings you fool haha

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      youre dead right this gheel is fucked.

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      That wasn't me ^

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      490 in the mocks isn’t even bad you know, I know people who went up by 80-100 points in their LC from their mocks. Idek what you’re complaining or worrying about because you’re doing quite well

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