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Does Polish count as a 3rd language for college?
Mateusz2001 The Leaving Cert — 06/01/17 9

Hi, So currently I'm doing Irish (HL) , English (HL) and French (OL) for my junior cert but when I get to LC I want to drop french but for me to become a secondary teacher the colleges require you to have a third language. I'm Polish so would Polish count as my third language or does it have to be a language that is being thought in school? Thanks

E.Devitt — 22/09/16
It has to be a third language in the leaving cert I'm afraid
Mateusz2001 — 22/09/16
But I thought I can do polish for my leaving cert.
Sarah_9600 — 23/09/16
Polish isn't on the Leaving Cert Syllabus.
Mateusz2001 — 23/09/16
But there is a polish leaving cert exam. If you see the leaving cert timetable it's put down as "non curricular leaving cert exam" and there is also past polish exam papers so I don't understand why that wouldn't count as a third language
E.Devitt — 24/09/16
I didn't know there was an exam but if there is and your a fluent speaker absolutely do it itll be easy points for you. I'd say it does if there's an exam for it ask the guidance counsellor in your school
Niamh....... — 20/10/16
Extra cirricular means you have to do the subject in your own time not in school but you can still take the exam and it qualifies as a third language I believe.
Amanda April — 03/11/16
Any language that is made available to sit a Leaving Certificate exam for qualifies as a language requirement. It does not matter if it is a curricular (taught) or non-curricular (self-taught/native) language. So yes, you can use Polish as a third language requirement. However, look into what want to teach and what requirements there are for teaching courses. For example, if you want to teach a language in the future in secondary level, you would find that course requirements are sometimes limited to curricular subjects only for a third language (usually French/German/Italian).
julia-b — 06/01/17
Yes, most definitely. Do email the course director of whatever course you're looking to go into and ask your guidance counsellor. I never looked into it myself because I also have Spanish but I don't see why it wouldn't be counted. And it's so good for points too, i swear it's one of the easiest exams for me! As a side note, ensure you're prepared for the very first part for 5 marks, it can be catchy as hell!
julia-b — 06/01/17
And yes, there DEFINITELY is a Polish exam. No questions about that. You can even sign up for a mock, or so my Polish course teacher told me. I'll ask my school in the upcoming weeks to order one for me.
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