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Doing the HPAT only
MAYYAMIMI The Leaving Cert — 10/10/16 1

Is anybody doing the HPAT only this year. I did the lc this year and got 575 out of the max 625. hoping for an upgrade in both biology or chemistry, if not both. So if I get one upgrade I'll get 585. According to the new system my points are 578. If you convert these to medicine points it becomes 555.6 . The minimum points last year were 723. I'll assume the min this year is 726. 726-555.6= 170.4 in the HPAT  for trinity 733-555.6=177.4 assuming it remains the same, 723-555.6=167.4 trinity remains same 730-555.6=174.4 So basically to be safe I have to get 177 in the HPAT. I got 126 last year. 177-126=51 I need an improvement in the HPAT of 50+. I'm not going to repeat the lc, I'll carry on last years results SO Is somebody in the same situation as me with only the HPAT to do? and I was wondering if the new points system will have any affect on the points for medicine?

NatashaStafford — 10/10/16
The change in the LC points has affected the minimum requirements for chemistry and another science subject for some universities and possibly the other required subjects. As for the HPAT a change has occurred in the rounding of the HPAT score. But to be definitely sure of the changes in the uni you are applying to you should check their course details on their website.
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