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    dropping a subject / medicine michellemcc98

    Hi everyone, I am planning to do medicine next year if I get the points hopefully, and im repeating this year. I do irish, maths, biology, French, chemistry, LCVP, business and history. I did English last year and got a high enough grade so I decided to drop the subject completely this year and carry over the grade from last year. but recently I read somewhere ( I think it was in the institute of education website) that students who want to do medicine can't do this. does anybody have any info on this? :)

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      Im 95% sure you can't drop english, maths or irish if you want to do medicine, because it's a restricted course. When I was doing my interview for Rathmines, they told me I couldn't drop them.

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      yeah, I've just found out for definite that I can't drop it, so I have to take it up starting tomorrow! I took up history in place of English this year, I hadn't done it for my leaving last year; and now that I have to do English again, does anybody know whether I would be better off doing higher English and dropping history as a subject or doing pass English and keeping up history at higher level?

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