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by Pieter The Leaving Cert — 16/09/17 7

I don't there is much of a chance anyone else is doing it, but if anyone is doing dutch what are you all doing for it?

Pieter — 06/06/17
I dont know is there much of a chance*
tj99tj — 10/06/17
You have to be a native speaker to do it for leaving cert , only languages you can do for your leaving cert without being a native speaker are Irish, English, Ancient Greek, Arabic, French, German, Hebrew Studies, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Russian. Trust me I wanted to do Dutch, you can check the state examinations commission website or even e-mail them yourself and you'll get the same answer that I gave you.
So leaving cert... — 10/06/17
bs i know someone with no ties whatsoever to japan that did japenese for the leaving
So leaving cert... — 10/06/17
lol sorry didnt read it properly
studybuddy15 — 10/06/17
That's annoying. I also wanted to do Dutch but I didn't really look into it that much because it was scheduled for the same time as my engineering exam.
isonemma — 13/09/17
Did anyone here sit the Dutch Leaving Certificate?
kevdog — 16/09/17
Does anyone know how to go about learning Japanese for LC? Is it possible to do it yourself without having to go to classes?
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