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    Easiest science subject? laurenbaeb

    I'm going into 5th year in september and don't want to but feel like i should take 2 science subjects as i really don't have a clue what i want to do after secondary school and want to keep my options open. I got an A in my junior cert and found the course as a whole pretty easy. contrary to most people i disliked biology the most because of all the learning compared to physics which i found mostly easy as the maths was simple in it, however it is obviously a different story for leaving cert and so i was wondering what 2 sciences would you recommend, and if my JC preferences actually mean anything or are the topics completely different at LC in relation to difficulty as most ppl say physics is hardest, thanks xx

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      Fact A: Statistically, biology is the hardest with a lower honours rate and a higher failure rate.

      Fact B: You preferred the Physics and Chemistry components of the JC course.

      Fact C: Physics and Chemistry work well together as a double science combination

      Are you doing/planning to do higher maths?? If yes, then Physics and Chemistry together is my advice!

      If you thought there was a lot of 'learning' in JC Biology, then don't even consider LC Biology!!

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      I chose Physics for LC. The reasons I chose it were

      1) I needed a science subject

      2) I preferred Physics over Chemistry and Biology

      3) I'm fairly good at maths

      After doing it for a few months, I'm not enjoying the Physics course very much. However I feel that Biology and Chemistry would be even worse. As bridgetown said, since you disliked Biology the most, Physics and Chemistry would be better options and work well together

      Idk what I wanna do either after school but I assume 1 science subject should be enough for me

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      Im in 6th year and I do both Chemistry and Biology. I can honestly say that I find Chemistry easier.

      A lot of people assume Biology is the easiest but it is very in depth, and takes constant revision. Nothing like Junior Cert at all. Chemistry takes some time to get used to, but most would agree that it comes together well in 6th year.

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