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    Economics , Your opinion on it. tinash

    Hey am currently in fifth year and deciding to take up economics during the summer. I know it's hard work but I can do it. I want to change from art to economics. I was wondering do ye find it hard?

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      For me in my opinion economics is not a hard subject depending on your teacher I suppose, Its a really handy subject to have its really easy to predict it for leaving cert exams as well. Its completely theory with the slightest fraction of maths formulas and stuff (elasticity chapter) but honestly i would recommend you to pick it up.

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      Ii do economics and I don't find it hard have already completed micro-economics and understand everything!.The only chapter I really have to look over with slowly and to the letter is elasticity but even then once I do that I'll understand that.Th maths in it isn't too hard and it's in your log tables I'd recommend taking it up!besides like 3 all those topics of micro-economics come up in part b of the leaving cert test!!

      although if you looking for a H1 like I am next year learn the macro-economics for the short questions!!

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