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    Examcraft Mocks lara33

    Does anyone have the exam craft mocks? I have finished my mocks, all were DEB but I would like to do the exam craft ones for practice! I could send on the DEB ones to anyone who helps... thanks

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      I'll swap examcraft maths for deb maths. Send it will your answers already in though so well know if we got the right thing.

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      I haven't got maths back yet but I will when I get it back!

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      Please can u send the deb ones for bio higher phy chem math ordinary and english plzzzzz

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      @lara33 I can send you Examcraft HL Irish for DEB HL Irish?

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      If anyone has HL Examcraft French, History, Biology or English can ye send it to me? and I'll send ye DEB?

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      @ashes204 paper 1 or paper 2?

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      @lara33 both please!

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