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    Extra 20 minutes?!? Ton55

    Hey guys does anyone know if its true that we have an extra 20 minutes for the subjects written in red on the timetable?!? So for English paper 2 do we have 3 hours 40 minutes instead? I want to be sure before I go in and mistime everything! Says it on the timetable on the right but just not convinced..???

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      Yes but apparently the examiners don't take the paper off you until you hand it up anyways. Within reason of course

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      I'm so confused... everyone is on about this extra 20mins but the timetables I've looked at say English p2 is 2-5.20 which is 3hrs 20mins which it's always been???

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      Hugh kenny

      think you can have the extra 20 mins if you want and if not you can leave the examination centre but im not fully convinced

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      @aisling1998 yeah I'm the exact same but I googled it and there was boards posts from like 2012 saying the same thing and someone said that it's only from when they changed the time years ago... so the timing on the timetable is what we get! Gonna plan for the timetable anyway to be safe

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      Hugh kenny

      also niall^^ no way jose ! if you continue writing after the designated time, your exam can be cancelled

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      Stephanie K

      Lads, the extra 20mins are for people that have scribes

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