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Favourite Subject Discussion
SuperMan12 The Leaving Cert — 14/06/17 7

Seeing as there is so much stress with exams what about a more fun thread So, what is everybodys fave subject and your reason why? Mine would probably be French cause I love languages.

A-123St — 12/06/17
I should be studying for business, but ah well... Mine would either be German or business. I love languages, but JC German is kind of boring. I'm sure LC will be more interesting though.
Stewey50 — 12/06/17
Is lunch a subject?
Pierston — 12/06/17
Chemistry is love, chemistry is life
Kim Kardashian West — 12/06/17
MysticManiac — 12/06/17
4:00pm is my favourite subject
SryanBruen — 12/06/17
I honestly don't like any of the subjects in the education system of how they're taught and what they're taught. However, my favourite subjects (not based on how they're taught and what they're taught) are Music, Geography and Irish. I also love French.
Alexandra_5478 — 14/06/17
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