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Feeling unmotivated?
kittyxkat The Leaving Cert — 09/07/16 6

So basically I'm in fifth year now and I just really feel so unmotivated to study.. I'm so behind in maths and I'm only picking up Spanish this year so the workload is overwhelming.. Anyone else feel this way? Does anyone have any tips on how to get motivated? I plan on studying in the summer but Even then I'm not sure if I'll be back on track.. Thanks a mill :)

Stephanie K — 03/05/16
Omg I am exactly the same way as you, I have no motivation at all for the past 2 weeks and still I have none. I think that I worked so hard before that I am just after wearing myself out! I don't know what to do either! I plan to study one day a week over the summer as well, but at this present moment, I feel that I have no purpose to study because I'm jot doing summer exams as I am volunteering in Lourdes, any advice.
KS98 — 03/05/16
I'm in a very similar situation to be totally honest. Up until Christmas I was extremely eager and keen to get through all the work and then study, I was doing my homework along with at least an extra hour and a half study on top, got very good results in my Christmas exams, but since, I've become very unmotivated to say the least. The workload is daunting and my lack of motivation in comparison to before Christmas is deeply worrying :-(
roisinj2 — 04/05/16
Don't worry! It happens to everyone at some point, my advice is to do something for yourself everyday eg a walk or swim to try and take your mind off school. It's probably stressing you out unconciously, not helping your brain to concentrate at all! Break the work you have to do into small chunks and set yourself a goal each evening for things you want to accomplish. Even if you have two maths qs, comprehensions and four essays to get through if you cannot deal with it all and only get a small comprehension done congratulate yourself for accomplishing something! Stressing out about not getting work done is so counter-productive so try and be happy with doing a little and eventually you'll actually want to get more done every time you sit down..
kittyxkat — 05/05/16
@Stephanie K , @ks98 yesss haha, glad I'm not the only one, it sucks �� @roisinj2 , thank youuu so much!!x
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KS98 — 09/07/16
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