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French paper thoughts?
Abcdelkg The Leaving Cert — 15/06/17 3

Anyone else think section 5 of listening and essay titles were hard?

aoibheannr98 — 14/06/17
I found it all hard:/ tourism like what was that?
zaorr — 15/06/17
I thought the listening was a bit difficult. The paper itself was nice, I just manipulated tourism to do with cultural identity and stuff like that. Was expecting it to be more topical but all in all I was happy with it and hoping for a H2:)
Cynthia — 15/06/17
Yeah I thought it would be more topical like education system, politics, eu etc. The brexit question was v specific and so I didn't do it. Tourism shocked me at first but I was able to adjust to it. Comprehensions were fab ngl and I acc enjoyed the listening but yeah the essay titles let me down. Praying I done well doh
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