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    go on to do 5th year or do TY? Sarah2014

    can anyone give me their opinion on whether I should do TY or go straight to 5th year? thanks :)

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      it depends on your age i think

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      ok thank you :)

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      Stephanie K

      TY was he best decision I ever made. If you are willing to put effort into TY it will be great. Whatever you put in you will get out. It is also great if you want to put extra time into a subject you are weak at eg maths. If you want to know anything else just let me know!!!

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      thank you so much Stephanie. im wondering ( I suppose you are in fifth year now?) did you find it hard to get back into the routine of studying because you had a break for one year? :)

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      Stephanie K

      Hi Sarah. Yes I'm in 5th year now. To be honest it only took me a week or so but by the end of September I was back in full study routine. You really don't have any choice only to get back into the study if you want to succeed as so much work is done in September-Christmas. If you have worked hard for the JC do TY and give it everything, you will be a different person. I went volunteering in Uganda for 2 and a half weeks, I went on the win county, regional and all Ireland competitions, really if you are willing to put something into TY you will benefit and it won't be a regret

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      thanks so much Stephanie for your help!!! :)

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      Stephanie K

      No problem, any time!! If you need any help in subject options, just ask

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      thank you so so much!!!!! do you mind me asking what subjects do you do? I don't know whether to do two science subjects and one business subject OR two business subjects and one science.

      I was thinking of doing French, Biology, Business and im not sure whether to do Accountancy or Chemistry?

      do you do accountancy or chemistry? if you do could you please tell me what you like about that subject? Thanks again :)

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      Do TY. Don't jump straight in from the junior cert to the leaving cert. You need a break off

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      yeah I was thinking that thank you :)

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      Stephanie K

      Hi Sarah 2014!! I am doing Chemistry Ag Science home Ec and French.

      I would defiantly recommend doing French and biology/Ag science. You need a language for a lot of courses so take the safe road and keep your language. You also should defiantly do at least on science subject so you have biology.

      You also have one business subject if you do business.

      I would recommend doing chemistry. It is a lovely subject. The course is very short( one of the smallest courses). It is all about definition and a bit if understanding. I hated it for JC but it is my favourite subject for leaving cert.

      Any more questions just ask

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      thanks again for your help! I enjoy chemistry at jc level but have just looked at the chemistry book for lc and I find it hard. I know im haven't even done the jc yet but im seriousy panicking!!!!!! is the experiments in chemistry difficult? what are the exam papers like, ie is there a range of questions you can choose from on the paper? how do you find home ec? I do tend to find learning big words difficult so would home ec suit me better? :)

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      Stephanie K


      The experiments are very nice. There is a big choice on the exam paper and the same questions come up year in and year out!!

      I really love home Ec. There I a lot of biology and chemistry in it. For all the nutrients you need to know the chemical composition, but it is not hard. There is a lot of over lapping with biology also.

      The social core is a guaranteed long question and it is a very short section. Would defiantly recommend home Ec. Home Ec, biology and chemistry go hand in hand. Don't panic!! Talk to your career guidance teacher maybe!!!

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      have you completed any of the tasks for home ec yet? are they difficult? :)

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      would you need home ec with chemistry to do food science or is it just chemistry and home ec would be a good subject that would help or is it necessary you need home ec and chemistry?

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      Stephanie K

      Yes we have done 3 out of 4 of them. They are actually very easy, you can nearly cook anything you want.

      I actually want to do food science myself. You don't need home Ec for any college course even not for home Ec teaching.

      Chemistry would be extremely handy if you want to do food science as chemistry is done in college.

      Does that answer your question about it being necessary to have home Ec and chemistry??

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      so if I just studied chemistry would I get into food science?

      or would it be better for me to have the two subjects to do food science?

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      Stephanie K

      If you just did chemistry you would. Would you not do biology and do home Ec.

      Actually checks he requirements out, I think you need two lab subjects, if I can remember correctly as I am after looking at a hundred of different courses. What county are you from, there is a very good one in UCC and DCU and Athlone IT

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      Do TY, it will be a blast. Shouldn't be too hard to get back into study in 5th year. As long as you put effort into TY, show up for work experience, you'll enjoy it. You might even make money from work experience. Some places tend to pay you afterwards.

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      thanks Stephanie and I think I'll definitely do biology because I might want to become a paramedic. I don't really know exactly what I want to be so I want the widest range of subjects that'll get me into a course that I wanted to do after the lc. home ec wouldn't count as a lab subject would it? thanks again :)

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      thanks John for your advice I hope to get into TY!

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      If u need notes I got mine off this Facebook page. They are really far superior then any other notes out there and cheap too

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      Stephanie K

      Hi Sarah one very important piece of information I forgot to tell you about subject options, i would advise someone to chose their subject on the teacher that you will have, the teacher makes the subject, no matter how much you love a subject the teacher makes the subject.

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      Yes that's so true thank you so much

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      Hello! Everyone seems to be recommending TY on here, but as someone who went straight into 5th Year after my JC I have found there are positives to skipping TY too. A HUGE amount of what you will learn in 5th Year is the same information as what you learned in 3rd Year, just with more detail. So if you went straight on to 5th Year you would really just be revising what you already know, and adding on little extra points here and there, as opposed to coming back after a year and having to relearn a lot of things. Makes it a bit easier, from my point of view anyways :-)

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      I think you should take a break after the JC, but it wouldn't do any harm to go straight to 5th year either. Making new friends could be fun! Also, you said above you hope you get into TY. I can almost guarantee you will, there's always people who go straight to 5th year, meaning extra spaces for others to go into TY. So long as you've been behaving, you shouldn't have a problem getting in.

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      Thanks so much guys!!!

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