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chocolate1516 The Leaving Cert — 11/05/17 7

TY or 5th year?

Sop238 — 11/05/17
5th year 100%
chocolate1516 — 11/05/17
Is it a huge jump from JC?
Sop238 — 11/05/17
I'm not too sure as I'm in 3rd year now but my cousin did transion year and he found near to impossible to do 5th year my sister went from 3rd year to 5th year and she tought it was fine
Sop238 — 11/05/17
If your gonna be young leaving school then maybe do it but a lot of people regret doing it
lukekeelan03 — 11/05/17
I got a shock after jumping from TY to 5th year
fkhan01 — 11/05/17
Skip it if you think you're ready for LC.
amyniriabhaigh — 11/05/17
It depends on you really, fifth year is quite a jump in all aspects like maturity,school work etc
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