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Help, the L.C. is eating me up!!
TinaX The Leaving Cert — 24/05/16 8

I need advice!! (badly) I'm in Leaving Cert and feel like I'm totally not prepared. I really want to do well to get the course I want but right now I think that I won't be able for it. Any tips on last month study and advice?

AJRH — 01/05/16
A dentist said to me that if you're learning now while studying then you are screwed my friend. You might want to consider doing repeat leaving cert
Zoe_3436 — 15/05/16
Sorry that is so not true. You can improve your marks immensely if you just stop stressing, put your head down and learn the material. Don't prepare to fail what the hell!
student2016 — 16/05/16
AJRH that is completely not true. you can only do your best
Laura3097 — 22/05/16
I'm in the very same boat as you! I was panicking last week because I need at least 420 points for my course next year and I felt TOTALLY unprepared. The best thing I found is to just look at the Leaving Cert as a normal Summer exam. Obviously, you need to study and do as much as you can in these next 3 weeks. What i'd advise is to allocate 3/4 hours of studying/reciting quotes/doing rough attempts as exam questions each night, and please please PLEASE leave the next few weekends for studying and a bit of relaxing, DO NOT GO OUT. (The pints will still be waiting for you in July) It's a few weeks until the LC so i doubt teachers will be that bothered of you doing textbook q's - use the time you have efficiently and stay focused and positive. If you have the negative mind-frame that you'll do crap, you probably will do crap because you'll get nervous and feel unconfident. If you think about it, there's a couple of thousand of us in the same boat, and you have to realise that some people have been studying hard since September while others won't pick up a book until a few days before. Sadly, the whole thing is just based on the luck of the draw on the day with question. At the end of the day though Leaving Cert really is just a piece of paper that you wont even refer to in 10 years time! Just study, take care of yourself and when you walk out of the exam centre you'll know you did your best because you put in your best efforts, and good luck! :)
kathaswings — 23/05/16
i honestly dlid think that i was on the same page as you.. but, trust me, you do know the material! you just think that you dont! i was the exact same until about a month ago, and i know thats a while ago, but trust me you'll be fine! what throws me off is just the way that certain questions are asked, but don't be stressing, youll be fine ;)
TinaX — 23/05/16
Thanks for the amazing advice Laura3097 and Kathaswings ☺️ U make it sound possible and not an impossible mountain that one of my teachers said it was ��
Dylan98 — 24/05/16
I'm in a similar situation but I have taken it into my hands now and started to work harder. The points aren't high (380 ? I think) for the course I want but that doesn't mean I want to do better. What I'd advise is keep working with exam papers as they are key. For subjects that can be repetitive like biology I studied the chapters, then did the studyclix questions.. they are very repetitive and I can remember the process of certain things like Mitosis (Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase) and that's it. While you need to learn the material too, doing exam q's are very helpful! For languages like Irish, French, German and Spanish (and extra ones, of course!) I think just keep practicing exam q's. You'll get to know the structure of the exam, and maybe learn some essential vocab and sentences off. One of the tips my geography teacher said is that keep reading over your sample answers and you'll get the idea of them. You should then try to write out the key points about it - that's what I'm going to try do also. I know it seems overwhelming (and it does very seem like so, and I'm also in this situation) but you are just one of thousands of students feeling it. Think, if you're studying chances are some aren't. I sometimes watch people opening their results and see what points they get and they worked hard for it, so why can't we? Just keep working and good luck. :)
Dylan98 — 24/05/16
doesn't mean I don't want to do better*
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