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    HL Biology mock Aine Okeeffe

    Any hints for any of the papers?? I don't know what to study😳

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      Amanda April

      - Focus a lot of your work on memorizing, defining and explaining biological terms , a.k.a. build you terminology.

      - Revise your experiments well and know why you are doing each step. Example: Why is a filter used when transferring the test tube materials to a beaker? Ans.: To remove cellular debris.

      - Draw diagrams for whatever is necessary! It really helps to learn with pictures and colours when it comes to Biology.

      - Make key notes for each of the Units you have studied and assort them well. I cannot emphasize just how important this really is. A lot of students feel as if they are 'all over' with their work.

      - Do plenty of exam questions from your exam papers or check them out online on

      - You can watch video diagrams on YouTube to aid your understanding.

      On a personal note, if you wish to know my approach:

      I will skim over Unit 1 and memorize the re-occuring materials and questions. The majority of things I believe I need to know are contained in Unit 2 and 3. This is especially so for The Cell, Photosynthesis, Genetics, Heredity, Evolution, Digestion, Organism Diversity & Kingdoms, Vascular systems, Plants, Excretion, Stimuli and Reproduction & Growth. I'll rewrite basic and key notes for myself and as I do each section, I will revise a corresponding experiment. And finally do exam questions on them. Perhaps if I get enough done, I shall put myself under a time limit and do an entire, recent paper (preferable the '13-'15 range), and then mark myself according to the marking scheme on (trial and error approach method).

      It is a lot of stuff - yes, but the Leaving Certificate Biology is a lot about learning things off with understanding. I wish you good luck with your mocks. :)

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