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    How are the Leaving Cert exam scripts dispatched out ? Cameron_4904

    I was wondering does one examiner correct all papers from a certain school, like will all papers from my 6th year go to the one examiner or will they be split out individually? Im curious because i feel as if, if we all have the same notes etc and write similar answers that the examiner will be tough on marking them? (i hope I'm making sense) ..

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      I think that they all go to the same examiner (higher and ordinary might be separated) but I think the examiner will realise that yous all had the same teacher so would mark them all the same

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      depending on size, there may be more than 1 'centre' for each school. There are approx 25 students per exam centre. The exams from each centre go to one examiner. So if you have 100 students doing french, these could go to 4 or 5 different examiners.

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