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    how do you know what company your mocks are from? csmd

    how do you know what company your mocks are from?

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      If you tell me a question you've had on one of your papers I'll tell you what mocks you have

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      For Irish OL: ASF, Colscaradh, Caca Milis and Dis do you know if this is EC or DEB?

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      If your exam paper had a barcode on the top left its Deb, if you had it on the top right it's exam craft! My school seems to be using a mixture of the two so don't bank on having all the one company I guess. :)

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      Exam craft ^^^

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      Deb was: caca milis, ASF, Dis and geibheann

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      For Irish higher I had no ghrá-sa, an gnáthrud and a minor character question for an triail

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      I haven't sat that paper yet but as far as I know that's the Deb one. Exam craft was meant to have geibheann instead of mo ghrá-sa :)

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