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How much is everyone studying these days?
Bengee The Leaving Cert — 07/06/16 6

How long are you studying each day?

IGotAn"A"InCSPE — 20/05/16
Tipping about 5 hours
dan.coyne.94 — 02/06/16
Studyings gay
Stephanie2123 — 03/06/16
between 3 to 4 hours
Emma17 — 03/06/16
No where near as much as i should. I'm getting distracted by the lovely weather while we still have it.
Jamie004 — 04/06/16
Pretty much all day because I thought it would be great to not do anything the whole year.
AaronP47 — 07/06/16
I was studying close to 8 hours a day throughout May...now i've cut it back to about 4-5
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