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How to get 625 points ?
luckymolly101 The Leaving Cert — 09/05/17 7

I am really aiming high for my leaving cert is there a way to get 625 points?

TheIrishNinjas — 04/05/17
Yes, sell your soul to the devil.
Amy_8411 — 04/05/17
Just wait until you get past you're junior cert first
E.Devitt — 04/05/17
Answer every single question to virtual perfection by knowing all the answers
E.Devitt — 04/05/17
Theres no "way" as such. Just study a hard through fifth year then in sixth year you need to pretty much do nothing but study
Yasmine146 — 04/05/17
It's very rare to get 625.Unless you're a genius at maths!You would need to get a H1 in higher level maths��
D'laraGoksen — 04/05/17
There's a subtle difference between aiming high and aiming for '625 points'. One is a realistic goal, the other isn't.
Harryob — 09/05/17
My 2 siblings both got 600+ they said study during the summer between 5th and 6th is what got them over the line.
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