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    How to make a study plan Artur_3986

    Hello there can anyone help me create a study plan that suits my classes ?

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      Take a read of this blog post

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      Be BRUTALLY honest with yourself. Work out how many hours study you are DEFINITELY GOING TO DO each week. Not what you hope to do, NOT what you might do on a good day, NOT what your friends are doing, BUT WHAT YOU WILL DO.

      Divide those hours amongst your 7 subjects.

      Take one hour from your 'easiest'subject and give it to your 'hardest'.

      Spread those hours out over the week. NEVER STUDY SIMILAR SUBJECTS AFTER EACH OTHER. If you have studied French follow it by Biology. If you have studied Biology follow it by Maths, etc. Keep it varied.

      STICK WITH THE TIMETABLE. If you don't stick to it is not a timetable, just scribbles on a page.

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