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How to survive next year :o
Maggiemoo82 The Leaving Cert — 05/07/16 3

Hi everyone. So next year im doing the dreaded leaving cert. Im litterly shitting it because i didnt do any study in 5th year and i feel so behind. Im such a bad studier and to be honest i dont know how to. so if anyone has any tips on how to study well that would be helpful as i cant remember anything i study. Im really bad at Business and i was wondering is it hard to do well in or should i drop to ordinary also if anyone has any good notes can ye tell me where ye got them . i really dont know what to do as i cant remeber anything i study and it seems like a waste of time :( Thanks

paulfarren — 03/07/16
Calm down. Draw up a study plan and try to put in a fair amount of study each day, not too much not too little. Have some form of exercise in your daily routine too and eat healthily. It sounds stupid, but it will make a crazy difference in your retention of info and your stress management.
granners — 04/07/16
since its summer now, no better time to start looking over material that you might not understand and to start on exam papers. i done do business, but i know a few who are studying the subject and they said that its important to understand, but the subject requires a lot of learning and exam papers arent too hard. in order to decide whether to drop down a level, look online for resources. crashcourse on youtube are actually really good for revision as they cram down parts of the course into 10 minute videos. use the 2 months left to understand rather than learn off reams of work as it will be worth it next year
Bastartdeo — 05/07/16
prayer is a vital part of success.. if you dont pray to al lah you may as well accept failure.. if you remain devout and do a few hours of each day of study you will get all A like me.
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