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Hpat medentry
Double007 The Leaving Cert — 09/01/17 7

Hpat 2017 Bought the 425E ******** package 3 weeks ago. Only went through the guides so practise tests drills scores etc are still from scratch and never been used. I.e. the whole package is unused. Came to conclusion that I do not want to go ahead with it Willing to part ways with it for 390e.

Double007 — 11/10/16
Man just do what he says it's not that hard
Double007 — 15/10/16
Last price drop of 370. Then im going to give it to a relative. By end of next week.
Double007 — 27/11/16
330E. Relative not longer interested. The workshop is on in 2 weeks, so if no one has it then. I am using it
docr — 03/12/16
54321study@gmail.com message me the details
meabh17 — 04/12/16
Message me the details as well please leavingcert123@gmail.com
Double007 — 01/01/17
Still up for grabs if anyones interested
Double007 — 09/01/17
300E bump offer.
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