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    I cant study pkoszczuk

    I'm in 5th year and I'm already really behind on materials, I'm afraid it's going to get worst. I'm not able to study get distracted or bored and start doing something else, or when I study and try to revise what I learned, theres nothing I remember. No materials want to stay in my head, and good tips? or ideas what would help me?

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      Well different people find different methods of studying more useful than others. Basically try different ways. Like, some people get information into their head fastest by reading notes, or making spider diagrams, using keywords, making your own notes in your own words that's easy to learn, doing past exam papers.

      But there's not really any shortcut to studying. You have to put a lot of effort into your studying, just reading a paragraph in your textbook isn't enough and just doing your written homework isn't enough.

      Use any free classes you have at school to get study done. Getting study done during this times means you don't have to do as much at home where there are distractions like tv.

      You can lessen the amount of study of the syllabuses required by predicting questions on exams. You can predict questions by looking at past exam papers and finding patterns in questions that come up. Some exams seem to be pretty predictable but some don't

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