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Im struggling to study
Lukeyt99 The Leaving Cert — 16/03/17 12

i find it really hard to actually sit down and start studying. i would rather do anything else except studying. what can i do to fix this, to get motivated? i feel like i just cant do it. im so stressed

naxmax9 — 11/12/16
Just do it. The leaving cert is very important. It all pays off in the end!!
Seba — 12/12/16
All I can tell you is turn studying into a habit and overtime it'll get easier and easier. Just don't go to big, start with something small like maybe a 15 minute study session every day and increase it over time. Also if you can get yourself into a local library to study that'd be ideal since there's pretty much no distractions there but if you can't then try to get yourself into after school study or just find a place at home with the least distractions possible. Also keep track of what you're learning, a study journal just to write what you have studied that day would help imo. But don't rely on motivation to get you through, motivation never lasts long enough
hilary98 — 13/12/16
try and avoid having your phone near you if you can it's easier to concentrate without it
Madame Nolan — 13/12/16
What kind of a learner are you? Do you learn by hearing or seeing or doing? Try to study the same way. If you learn by hearing, say things out loud or have a family member discuss things with you on the topic. If you learn by seeing, use you tube clips to help you. If you learn by doing then practice by physically getting up and doing whatever it is. Draw, dictate and re-listen to yourself, find something that works for you. It's not to late but you must push yourself. If you youtube Kahn Achademy you will find helpful videos. Best of luck
Seba — 15/12/16
Don't bother with the whole "learning styles" thing, it is just a widespread myth that actually isn't real. Look it up if you don't believe me
Lukeyt99 — 18/12/16
Thanks for all the advice. In the last week I've gotten myself a study journal and I think that's beginning to put things into perspective for me. I already go to after school studies but I think I'll start going to the library too. I think I'm finally beginning to make some progress. Thanks guys :)
Charles_5165 — 01/03/17
i personally agree with her i also find it hard to sit down and studying u see the thing is study is an extremely boring act so when u try and study youd possibly fall asleep it happens to me if u picked some subjects or if you are doing subjects u hate then its extremely hard if youd be doing some u like it would easier studying is hard and it just takes getting used to the thing is im not used to it yet so i dont find myself doing it much at all it takes time in general
Charles_5165 — 13/03/17
yo guys what can i do to solve this and is this mainly happening as id rather do something else for me to be succesful id definitely think it is
Charles_5165 — 13/03/17
problem of finding it hard to study
Charles_5165 — 13/03/17
does anyone know what i can do
SimpelEgg — 13/03/17
If you're easily distracted, I'd suggest writing and rewriting notes. If you don't do after school study or something like that, you should read it out loud too. If you just read over stuff it's very easy to just stare at the page for hours without really taking anything in. I like to write out notes in different colour pens; swapping the pen often stops me from tuning out and just writing without thinking, plus it's useful if you're a visual learner.
LC_2019 — 16/03/17
get rid of all distractions
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