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    Improving from mocks... Christyna

    I got 450 in the mocks and I'm looking to get 520+ points in the leaving is that possible I'm under so much stress can people improve that much?

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      It is of course possible but it will of course take work! First of all you need to be relaxed because when you have a clear mind you will work better! You'd want to have done a good bit of study from the mocks until now, but if not don't worry you still have time, just keep calm and you'll do fantastic! Good luck!!

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      Thank you I have been doing a lot of study

      Good luck to you too 😊

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      John smith234

      My only advice would be to evaluate every subject and find your weaknesses and fix them. For example in English ive learnt the poets and the single text but im still abit rusty on the comparative. So find your weak spots and improve.

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      Same the comparative is my weakness too yeah I've been trying to do that for most subjects from looking what I did wrong in the mocks

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