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Institute notes in exchange for mock papers
Aisling1998 The Leaving Cert — 19/11/16 6

Does anyone has institute notes for the following subjects, I have the mock papers for them, (2005-2016) and want to do an exchange? Irish English Maths Geography Ag Science French Music

Anna34xo — 17/11/16
i can give you maths and english
Rebeca19998 — 17/11/16
where did you get mock papers ?
Aisling1998 — 18/11/16
Anna34xo my email is aislingcullen5@gmail.com, let me know what mock papers you want :)
Aisling1998 — 18/11/16
teachers/past students
Alex F — 19/11/16
Anna34xo. I see you do Accounting, I can exchange my 2005-2015 mock papers HL including marking schemes, for your Maths notes? This is my email alexben.fitzgerald@gmail.com
sophie544 — 19/11/16
@Anna34xo I have mock papers for maths,English,biology,accounting,business,French we can swap ? My email is sophier124@icloud.com
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