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Santo_4582 The Leaving Cert — 20/12/17 3

such as the actual leaving cert

A-123St — 30/01/17
No. There are different companies to choose from, and your teachers pick which one for each subject.
bridgetown1 — 30/01/17
There are 2 main companies which produce them, Examcraft and DEB (Dublin Exam Board). Most teachers will choose exams from one of those. However some teachers will set their own. And there are a number of schools which don't do 'Pre/Mock' exams at all. After all, it is the schools choice. The most important 2 things to remember are: 1) They are just as important as a practice match before a final. The result isn't important, but what you learn from the match is. 2) there is absolutely NO LINK between the 'pre/mock' exams and the state exams in June.
Laurakelly112 — 30/01/17
Simple answer-no
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