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    Is it ok to start studying now Maggiemoo82

    I havnt done much studying at all this year so far if I start now I'll I be able to get 470 in the exam next June I'm getting average in my exams with no study at the moment

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      If you want 470 in the real thing you'd have to be realistically getting 400+ in the pre

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      Do you think it's possible to get that at this stage thanks 😊

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      Start working properly from now, there no reason you won't get 500+

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      It is but like anything, it entirely depends on the amount of work you do not just if you do it

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      Amanda April

      Here is a suggestion: instead of asking questions like this online, maybe you should sit down at your desk and think to yourself how you are going to study hard from the next day onwards so you can EARN yourself those 470 points through the sheer merit of your hard work.

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