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    Is it possible to do 2 sciences? naxmax9

    I'm not really interested in any subjects other than the core ones and science and business (Chen,bio,phys,economics,accounting,business) Are you allowed to do 2 sciences in a school or will you have to do 1 in school and 1 outside school?

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      Ryan penrose

      Yes you can, you can even do all three sciences if you wish.

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      You can do as many sciences as you want in school provided that they don't conflict with any of your subjects outside of the sciences. For example I could not do chemistry in my school because that went on during Accounting.

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      The 3 sciences usually don't clash as there's always a few people who do all three. You'd have to be pretty unlucky for 2 sciences to clash.

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      I'm doing chemistry and biology and I have friends doing all three so yes!

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      Some college courses it's a requirement to have 2 sciences so of course!

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      My sister did all 4 - chemistry, biology, physics and ag science

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      Yeah it's possible and recommended if you have a love for science. I do all three

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