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is there any Lithuanian's here that have güd notes for the Lithuanian Exam?
Julija_7673 The Leaving Cert — 19/06/16 11

this is more of a shout out to the Lithuanian's doing the Lith Exam ha!

Daniel_9288 — 16/06/16
Haha yeah I will be ;). I'll give you the notes but you have to late me take you on a date!
Santa_7212 — 16/06/16
Hey could i get any notes please?
Vilandas_6368 — 16/06/16
You can actually study for this thing? I was gonna just gonna wing it haha
Julija_7673 — 17/06/16
I'm going to wing it too! Haha
Julija_7673 — 17/06/16
unless someone has some good notes on the "somprotavimo rašynis"����
Vilandas_6368 — 17/06/16
They mark the Lithuanian exam extremely easy. My cousin who has very basic Lithuanian skills got an A1 and her spelling is awful. We'll do grand haha
Julija_7673 — 19/06/16
Hope so I'm honestly not even worried haha
kell1211 — 19/06/16
someones confident
Julija_7673 — 19/06/16
its only because we are LITHUANIAN
kell1211 — 19/06/16
Thats unfair you guys get an easy A1
Vilandas_6368 — 19/06/16
Well probably not an A1. I checked some stats and around 6.3% get an A1. I will be pleased if I get a B3. My Lithuanian is terrible having lived in Ireland since I was 5. I am fluent in English, took HL and expecting on getting at least a B3 in that. Where as Lithuanian I struggle with, but then again they mark it easy enough so here's hoping.
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