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leaving cert grinds available from a 600 point student
Helen_4194 The Leaving Cert — 07/11/16 8

Leaving cert grinds available in dublin from a 600 point student in biology, english , ag science, irish grinds are completely exam focused and i will give you everything I used to get the A1s

michael.ryan.712714 — 12/09/16
Well done on your fantastic results. What are you studying in college now?
Helen_4194 — 12/09/16
thanks a million , law and business in trinity
MaryJane1402 — 21/09/16
how much is it for biology, english and irish grinds?
Helen_4194 — 23/09/16
it is 20 euro per grind for an hour but i can also do 45 mins of all three at a discounted price , please email me on hln.smth1@gmail.com if your interested
abc17 — 06/11/16
how much is it for ag science
Helen_4194 — 06/11/16
20 euros for each grind please email for more info
Aisling1998 — 07/11/16
Where are you based?
Helen_4194 — 07/11/16
rathmines dublin and dublin city centre
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